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Time for a Health Reboot

Happy Monday!  Today is my first day of doing the Whole30 eating plan.  I decided to try it for a few reasons. I need a jumpstart.  The last few weeks and even months I can’t seem to get into the groove with my eating.  I’m overall not feeling great, I feel like I’m always tired, feel like I’m sore and sometimes having issues breathing.  Like the smallest thing will make me winded.  That’s not usually how I am. Don’t get me wrong, I get winded but lately it seems more so than normal.

I’m also doing this for my Mom.  She has some medical issues and has a lot of pain and inflammation because she has a knee that as the doctors say ” is completely shot!”  Every time they x-ray her knee they don’t know how she’s handling it.  She had a knee replacement on her other knee back in 2014 and developed a pretty bad case of a mrsa infection a month after her knee replacement.  She had to have that knee opened up and was on IV antibiotics for 4 months and still till this day takes an antibiotic to prevent it from coming back.  Needless to say the doctors aren’t rushing to do her other knee just due to her medical issues and until her BMI is lower.

I’ve heard that this program can help with inflammation and that maybe this way of eating will help us both.  Jumpstart us to stay on track.  The diet is very strict.  There is no cheating and no “slip ups” allowed.  You can’t eat diary, legumes, grains, alcohol, added sugar, baked good and processed goods.  I can handle everything on that list but 1…..dairy.  I am a cheese addict. I love it so much and will put on EVERYTHING I can.  The sugar aspect is going to be harder for my Mom than myself.  (Then again I am eating Skittles as I’m writing this so maybe it will be just as hard for me, lol)  Eating out is also going to be harder, which isn’t a bad thing.  I eat out more than I should, and that’s the truth.

Over the weekend I shopped and got items that we can have.  I put anything that we couldn’t have in a box and into the cabinet until after the 30 days.  I never read food labels more in my entire life.  You need to look for added sugars, and let me tell you right now…everything has sugar. Things you don’t even realize. One thing is bacon. I paid $6 for 8oz of approved bacon with no sugar added and $7 for approved beef broth.  The ones I normally buy are full of all the things that are off limits.

If you are looking at a package of food and there is a list a mile long of ingredients you can’t pronounce or recognize that’s usually not a good sign.  Unfortunately, I love it all. I love all the things that aren’t good for me, and all the processed foods. Like potato chips and crackers, 2 of my favorite things!  So this may be a little hard for me. Usually when eating healthy you have that option for a cheat meal which I love, on this there is none.  30 days. No. Cheating. At. All.

I’m looking forward to see how this way of eating helps how I feel.  Not being able to get on the scale except the first day and day 31 is going to be hard for me. I weigh myself all the time.  I’m going to be keeping track of my journey to share with all of you how it goes and how I feel.  I’m going to have my Mom also keep track so you can see 2 different peoples perspectives. 2 different age group.

I’ll be sharing my food along the way as well as well as some none Whole30 recipes recipes that I haven’t shared yet but I’ve made recently. So, be on the look out for that!

Let’s do this…..wish us luck!



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