Mexican Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potato

Today I didn’t plan anything special for dinner.  I have an appointment and will just made a quick salad when I got home.  I still wanted to share with you one of my dishes today.  It’s therapeutic for me and needed after a day like today.  I made this a few weeks back and I can’t wait to make it again soon.

Mexican chicken stuffed sweet potato! I’ve done something similar with BBQ chicken in a sweet potato but this was a different take.  It’s very filling and healthy all at the same time.  Most of these items can be prepped ahead of time and just put together when ready to eat.  Below are the instructions for assembling the sweet potatoes and also for the Salsa chicken.  I use the Salsa Chicken often.  So you will see me refer to that recipe from time to time.  It’s a very versatile recipe and can be used in a lot of dishes.  See below for the recipe.

Mexican Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potato
Makes 2 stuffed sweet potatoes

10 oz Salsa chicken (See recipe below)
2 6 oz sweet potatoes, baked
3 T reduced fat shredded cheese
2 T light sour cream
1/2 cup reduced sodium black beans
1 T chopped red onion
2 oz guacamole
2 T salsa

To assemble: Cut sweet potato half way, not all the way through. Add 5 oz of chicken than top with 1/4 cup black beans, 1/2 T of onion, 1 T of cheese and finish off with salsa, guacamole and sour cream and a sprinkle of cheese. Eat immediately! Enjoy!

Salsa Chicken

4 Large chicken breasts
2 T low sodium taco seasoning
2 cups jarred salsa

Directions:  Add chicken breast to the crock pot sprinkle top with 2 T of low sodium taco seasoning and 2 cups salsa. Cook on high 4-6 hours or on low 8-10. 1 hour before the time is up shredded chicken in crock pot and mix well and let cook the rest of the time.

Note: This will make more than needed for this recipe but it’s great for other dishes or to freeze!


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